Andrea Parodi - Foto di Pino Bertinelli

In 2013 I traveled to Austin, Texas to record an album with Joel Guzman, one of the greatest accordionists in the world, who was playing with Paul Simon at the time. I have always connected each of my records to a journey. Vancouver Canada for Le Piscine di Fecchio and Soldati, Santa Fe New Mexico for Chupadero with the Barnetti Bros Band and finally my favorite musical city: Austin.

This album has the sound and flavor of the endless Texas sunsets, of the border air at the US/ Mexico divide. They are my best songs of those years with amazing guests like David Immerglück of Counting Crows, David Grissom, Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams, David Bromberg, Radoslav Lorkovic, Scarlet Rivera, Tommy Mandel and others who will be added when I finish the album.

Twelve songs remained locked in a drawer for eight years. Listening to them now, all the memories of that journey resurface, with Woody not yet two years old and looking at the world with his big blue eyes, full of adventure. And on one of those Texas nights I married Elena on Joe Ely's ranch, under a centuries-old Indian oak tree wrapped in colorful lights. It was JT Van Zandt who married us.

The album will be released in May for my birthday and we will throw a big party.

You are all invited! If you would like to contribute to the realization of my record please make a small donation. All supporters will receive the album digitally in advance along with a special audio/video clip.

Buona vita to everyone!


The making of Zabala: Episode 11 - Steve Wickham

Let’s keep talking about violin. Ten years after Desire by Dylan, which started in an epic way with Scarlet Rivera in Hurricane, another album was released which is certainly part of my all-time top ten: Fisherman’s Blues by The Waterboys.

Two acoustic guitar chords, an electric mandolin opening and then the glorious entry by Steve Wickham’s with his violin.

That long note that takes you by the hand and brings you to another dimension...


Steve Wickham with Mike Scott
Scarlet Rivera on stage with Bob Dylan